90 ridiculous things I miss during lock down

These are the meaningless things I have missed during the lockdown, it came from this week’s Highlow, and they really are ridiculous, frivolous things for a bit of light-hearted fun. This is not a sentimental list of real things I truly miss such as social occasions, seeing my family, hugs (although I have never liked hugs) and our freedom, the basic rights we have, and sadly others don’t. It has made me sit back and reflect on this a lot lately.

These are very shallow, on the surface, everyday things which make up my life I have taken for granted. They are all very first world privileges we were unaware of how lucky we are to have. They are meaningless but these are also things I clearly enjoy doing so obviously however silly they make me look, they are in some way meaningful and going forward I will learn to appreciate the little things more.

First off before we delve into them and you all leave shaking your head the first things I want to do when we come out of this is spend quality time outdoors with my family, laugh until I cry with all my friends, go to a city and be surrounded by people, go back to the office and enjoy a cup of tea and kitchen chats with my amazing team and take Dougal on a new walk somewhere. Had you asked me the things I was looking forward to this year, sadly I don’t know if those things would have featured on there, so some good and reflection has come from this? However, this is my very silly list of things I miss. 

  1. Chai Iced Latte, a chai iced latte in a glass with a straw if I am being honest.
  2. Early morning catch-ups and coffee with Lauren before work
  3. Long walks on my own where no one wants to talk to me, stop me or call me.
  4. Long walks where I want to listen to podcasts and not just walk in my own silence
  5. Silence
  6. Sweaty public transport
  7. Walking across London to meet friends because I am desperately trying to avoid sweaty public transport
  8. Having an extra pair of shoes to carry in case of blisters from all the walking in cities full of people still avoiding sweaty transport
  9. My phone battery falling to 10% and not having a clue when I could charge it, no purse with me and a railcard ticket booked home
  10. The pre-thought out time plan of how many trains and cars it’s going to take before I reach Rugby station
  11. Spotting a hot guy on the tube and imaging our life together
  12. Driving around for days trying to avoid going to the petrol station despite being on red
  13. Telling myself hourly ‘I need to go to the gym tonight’ 
  14. Telling people ‘I spin’ when I occasionally get up on a Thursday morning to go
  15. The times I actually made it to the spin class – it is actually bloody brilliant
  16. Saying to a friend ‘I can’t wait until we can do this’ and then never actually doing it
  17. Dying under a duvet at home noticing how much I spent on a night out
  18. Dying under a duvet at home remembering all the embarrassing things I had done on a night out
  19. Spending a whole therapy session talking about my drink anxiety from a night out
  20. Trying to pretend I didn’t fall asleep hungover as Pip drives us home
  21. Making plans to go to London to see Fliss and Jon
  22. Charity shops and buying my books from charity shops
  23. Selling things on eBay and Depop
  24. Having to write mow on the lawn on my to-do list every other day
  25. Worrying about what I am going to wear on a night out
  26. Making my friends take photos of what they have I could borrow before a night out
  27. The getting ready and drinking before a night out
  28. Day drinking in a pub garden with my friends
  29. Day drinking at brunch with my friends
  30. Booking time off work to enjoy whilst everyone else is at work
  31. Everyone else being at work
  32. Trying to eat healthy because I have a holiday coming up
  33. Researching things to do on upcoming holidays
  34. Watching our holiday vlogs
  35. Booking holidays I can’t afford
  36. Writing long lists of things to do and stressing myself out about not having enough time
  37. Day trips and new walks with my sisters
  38. The idea of taking Dougal to London for walks and bumping into dreamy men
  39. Being desperately late and unable to excuse myself from the conversation someone is trying to have with me whilst I subtly check my watch and inch slowly away
  40. Getting a delivery slot without feeling like you are queuing for Glastonbury Tickets
  41. My handbags, or at least needing to use them
  42. Piling high my Oliver Bonas basket and then one by one deleting and end up buying none of it
  43. Arranging dates and then thinking of an excuse last minute as to why I can’t go
  44. My walks to work whilst trying to cram in a page of my book, listen to the girl’s voice notes, checking Instagram and find a podcast all in five minutes
  45. Seeing colleagues
  46. Seeing what people are wearing #ootd
  47. Having nails, fake tan, pack bag on a list
  48. Wearing clothes that I don’t work out in
  49. Brunch out, Lunch out, Dinner out. Telling myself how good it will be to have fish and chips once I have done a few days of healthy home-cooked eating
  50. Going to watch the rugby, I no longer care if we lose
  51. Going to get my eyelashes done, that feeling of knowing there is an occasion coming up and the chats with Jenny as I try not to fall asleep
  52. Going to watch live music, and spending the whole time worrying if my friends are having a good time
  53. Booking tickets to things
  54. Filling out my diary with upcoming occassions
  55. Trying to answer the 100 questions my nephew fires at me whilst doing the job he has asked me to do
  56. Free tea bags and soap at work
  57. Being able to celebrate birthdays with people
  58. Dumpling shack and sitting amongst strangers who don’t talk to me as I eat them
  59. Worrying I have no time to myself then idly wandering Sainsbury’s home buying nothing
  60. Aldi middle aisles
  61. Coming home on a Friday to a clean house and hoovered stairs
  62. Old street records with the girls on a Friday night when there is a band playing
  63. Finally getting served in a bar and dodging my way back to my friends, drinks in the air as if they are the most precious things you have ever carried
  64. Really good vegan burgers
  65. Making birthday plans
  66. People worrying about sustainability and the environment
  67. Feeling the need to make multiple trips to the supermarket daily for single items which seem essential
  68. Booking holidays
  69. Talking about booking holidays
  70. The idea of going swimming
  71. Take aways
  72. Booking weekends up
  73. Going places to photograph
  74. Photographing more than my dogs and sister
  75. Caring if I have enough time to get ready
  76. Telling myself ‘I will start on Monday’
  77. Voice noting people and saying I am only voice noting because I am short on time
  78. That Friday feeling
  79. Saturday mornings
  80. Flicking through magazines I didn’t pay for
  81. Really good cocktails
  82. Taking presents to people
  83. Cadburys Easter eggs, which have been in the fridge, especially the thick bit where they are have joined them together.
  84. Listening to music as I get ready for things
  85. My sofa being a place I don’t want to leave
  86. Buying flowers
  87. Having conversations which don’t include ‘How are you finding it’
  88. Having evenings to myself which do not involve a scheduled Zoom meeting
  89. Celebrity news
  90. Having space for Ice cubes in the freezer

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