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Sorry all, I forgot to hit post on this, the relaxed life of a part-time blogger.

Happy Tuesday! I am hoping as you read this the sun has returned and the chill from today has subsided because let us be honest, it is better when the sun does shine, isn’t it?

This week like the last three has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. There have been some really great days, I have felt really productive, happy and grateful and then there have been days like Sunday where I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to hold a conversation, I missed my family and everything felt a bit of an effort. Nothing a quiz with friends and a glass of wine could not fix.

I cannot wait for the day I can blog without talking about quarantine but alas it is all I have for now so this is my weekly round-up.


I have tried to stop my spending lately because I don’t need anything to stay in the house, obviously and also to reduce exposure to delivery drivers delivering non-essentials. This week however I did have a little look at Depop and treated myself to a new dress and a couple of new slogan Tshirts. Depop is great because it is all second hand. You are not putting workers at risk packaging in factors and of course, it is sustainable buying. I have only purchased items that I know I will be able to wear all year round because who knows when we are getting out of this. If you are needing a bit of a ‘new to me’ pick me up then I would highly recommend Depop. Things I try to consider is checking with the seller they feel ok posting and their local services are running, to limit the amount you buy because of its additional exposure for the delivery driver and only buy trans-seasonal items which will last you all year. If you can, wipe down packaging when they arrive and tell your seller you are fine with them repackaging your item in old packaging they may have instead of buying more.


This week I am enjoying Ordinary People by Diana Evans, I have heard so much praise for this book which is deserved as I am speeding through the pages. It is a novel based on two families, Melissa has just had a baby and doesn’t want it to change her and Damian has lost his father and doesn’t want it to affect him. The narrative between the two families runs alongside each other so well, it has a Zadie Smith, London vibe to it. I am enjoying it so if anyone wants a read after me, give me a shout!

I am now listing my old books on my Depop if anyone is struggling for books and doesn’t want to buy from Amazon. There are loads of small book shops still selling so I will try to gather a list of a few we can buy from.


This week following from a High Low recommendation I started watching Feel Good a semi-autobiographical series by Mae Martin on channel four featuring Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh meat and call the midwife) and Lisa Kudrow. It is a six-part drama navigating growing up, identity, gender, sexuality, drugs, addiction and mental health. It is funny in parts and poignant it others. Lisa is fantastic in it and what I love best is that the episode is 30 minutes look so it is so easy to get into. There are many stories woven into the narrative which many of us will be able to relate to.

Despite the madness surrounding Tiger King, I have to admit Unorthodox was the best thing I have watched on Netflix lately. A four-part series based on the book of the same title follows Etsy escaping an arranged marriage and a life in a community which would be considered ultra-orthodox. I was hooked by the first few minutes. I hope there are more series to come, I am not sure what else they can do but I was not ready for it to finish.

After a lot of recommending from friends, I am going to start Nest on BBC this week as well.


My favourite day of lockdown has to be today (bank holiday Monday) the girls and I organised a Bottomless brunch via Zoom and it was brilliant. Exactly what I needed. It was the closest I have felt to be in my friend’s company. We created the usual millennial set up, smashed avo, sourdough bread and poached eggs with copious amounts of chilled prosecco. We were on the call for over 3 hours, the time just flew by. We have already said we are going to do another next Sunday.  Firstly, you are all welcome to join ours but if brunch is something you and your friends enjoyed I would highly recommend setting one up.

On Sunday my uni housemates and I held a shared quiz night which was brilliant. My new found love for a certain red wine hindered our chances slightly but I laughed a lot and went to bed feeling much happier. We all presented a round each which meant everyone got involved. It was so nice to catch up with them all. If anything good has come from this it is the effort we are all making with each other. As a group, we only saw each other a few times a year and we had never done a group call, despite leaving uni 8 years ago! If I continue anything after this lockdown I would love it to be regular facetime with my Uni friends.

Listening to

I have begun listening to Caggie Dunlop’s new podcast in Saturn Returns. I loved Caggie in Made in Chelsea. I hate saying it because I know she always mentions how the show was such a small part in her life, but that likely is where you know her from. She has launched a new podcast called Saturn returns. It looks into the shifts which take place in our lives in our late 20s early 30s due to Saturn (She explains it all don’t worry) I sit on the fence when it comes to astrology and spirituality. It depends on how I feel as to whether I believe in it or not but it is packed with some great guests, her first interview is with Elizabeth day, I have enjoyed it, I think many of you will too.

Last but not least The High Low is back! They treated us to two bumper episodes this week, which was everything I needed and more. It was brilliant and gave me a list of reading and watching to add to my list whilst giving me lots of laughs. Their return from Pandora’s maternity was so well-timed.

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