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Good Morning Sunday. A first in a while where my weekly round-up has gone out on time. Round of applause for me. I don’t know why but the last weeks have felt so busy and the last thing I wanted to do in the evening was to sit and spend any more time in front of my laptop (I was in fact just wasting hours watching TikTok videos). We are now in Lockdown week 5? If I am honest I am not finding it too bad, some days are trickier than others. I am definitely not one of those starting new businesses or learning something new but I am getting by as well as I can each day. I am finding time to check in with friends and family, and drive, walk or run past for a wave where possible. I am fortunate to still be working from home, it gives me structure and it has been rewarding to know the work we are doing is helping those struggling with their mental health during these unprecedented times. Long may this sunshine last eh?

This is what I have been enjoying this week.


I really enjoyed the Global Citizen at-home concert which aired on Iplayer on Sunday, you can still access it now. The Rolling Stones being a personal highlight, I must have watched it back at least 10 times before I felt I should move on. I also loved the Radio One Live Lounge group cover of Times like these by the Foo Fighters, I am still harbouring a grudge towards Jesse Glynne who featured on both of these, (she didn’t turn up to the Isle of Wight set claiming burnout when she was just partying with the spice girls) nonetheless they are both fantastic if you are missing a bit of live music.

This week I watched ITV’s mini-series Quiz in one night, I whizzed through it, hooked on whether they did it or not. I have watched the documentary a few years ago on Chris Ingram and it painted him in a very different light. Whilst watching this I felt it was released as an apology from ITV for dragging the family through shit, they publically humiliated the family for the reputation and success of the show. I feel it could have been handled much more discreetly but I do think there was an air of publicity in it for ITV.  Had they treated the family this way today I am certain ITV would have had another suicide on their hands. I am still split on whether they are as innocent as they seem but regardless it was a great series.

I also caught this morning on BBC that Sally Rooney’s Normal People is now up on BBC Iplayer, I am yet to catch up on series three of Killing Eve so I have a great week of series set up for next week.


The weather obviously! I enjoy getting outside as much as I can, which I know for many at the moment is not easy. My Instagram content has gone through the roof just because I am posting what I like to do during lockdown instead of worrying if it keeps up with what others are posting or makes me look cool enough.

This week we have enjoyed some very sunshine, chatter filled walks but the best day of the week was yesterday when my sister and I packed our bags for a day at the shepherd’s hut (its located in the orchard at the bottom of the drive away from my Mum’s house so we were all at a safe distance). We packed a picnic, prosecco, gin, bikinis, books and speakers with the dogs in tow. We spent the day soaking up the sun, sipping on drinks. My mum walked by dropping off some goods for us, she made us dinner to collect and my friend cycled by to say hello. I cannot wait for the day we can all sit around the fire pit together but for now the afternoon there and seeing some faces was a sliver of normality I needed.


This week I finished Ordinary People by Diana Evans which I absolutely loved. For no rhyme or reason, I could not concentrate last week, I had no tolerance for reading or podcasts I would just spend hours looking at my phone, so I don’t feel like I gave this book my undivided attention but the story was brilliant, I loved the narrative between the two couples, seeing how their lives played out. It was filled with simple snapshots of everyday life. I almost felt as though I was intruding on my neighbour’s privacy the conversations were captured so well. I would pass it around 100 times over. I am now reading Love is Blind by William Boyd, I picked this up in the Charity shop a few months back. Any Human heart is one of my top three favourite reads so I was keen to see what other Willaim Boyd Novels were like and so far I have not been able to put it down. I will keep you posted. I have also uploaded my read books onto Depop. I am not making any money from this, just trying to give my old books a new home for cheap during this pandemic so check them out here.

The only thing I have really been recommending anyone read this week was this article in the Times if you want a true insight into who is to blame for covid19 in the UK and for anyone who believes Boris Johnson is doing a good job.  Hopefully, we will start voting more carefully for a better Government when this is all over.


I am really pleased two of my Depop purchases have arrived this week. I am trying to be calm about the delayed postage because I know the postal services are stretched but it is worrying when you buy items and they are not tracked. If I buy from Depop now I ask them to send it tracking and I pay the additional cost for my piece of mind. I have been living in sports tops and shorts which I absolutely love (working from home has its perks) but there is something uplifting about having something ‘new to me’ to wear, especially as I have gone through all of my sisters new to her clothes as well recently.

My friend Fliss is uploading so many amazing items to her Depop at the moment, so many pairs of Levi jeans etc, if you want to pick up some great finds she is still posting.

Listening to 

Dua Lipa’s new album which she released ahead of lockdown is keeping me company on all my runs recently, it is perfect for just about every occasion. I haven’t had a listen to any podcasts recently, I am really beginning to wonder where I got the time from before. I have however lined up a string of interviews from Waterstone’s podcast series, they have some really great guests on their so I am looking forward to listening to these when I finally get the time.

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