The Weekly Round up

Good morning Sunday, how have you all been? I think we have all well and truly lost count about what week we are now. Most days I struggle to work out what date/ day of the week we are on. This week I finally felt as though I was on top of things, I made a few nice purchases, dropped some presents off to friends and family, rested, read, watched tv, exercised, did the garden etc. I hate to be one of those people who feel better when they are ticking things off but unfortunately, that is just who I am. I am very happy with life considering the circumstances and feel very grateful for my wonderful friends and family.


Ok, so the first week after payday got a bit spendy. Last month I made a strong effort of saving my money and then this month I blew quite a bit on Grenson boots, but did you hear £100 off, yes you did! I picked up the Nanette Vegan boots for £185 off country attire website and they arrived the next morning, it was a much too good a deal to bypass. I am absolutely obsessed with my boots and refuse to take them off. With big splurges comes sensible savings, I picked up some new makeup and skincare from Aldi. I have mentioned it so many times, I love the Aldi dupe ranges. Morally it doesn’t sit that well with me, it is not great for the brands who Aldi copy, their work, their research and their campaigns to make them into cult products, I get it. HOWEVER, I cannot afford the OG products prices anyway so they are not losing a sale, I wouldn’t have bought them even if Aldi hadn’t copied them. This week from Aldi’s website I picked up the Benefit Highlighter Dupe, The benefit Mascara Dupe, a pack of cotton ego reusable makeup remover pads, Sand and Sky glow face mask and some liquid eyeliner. I love that they use the same ingredients (again I am sorry) and their range is all vegan friendly. Sorry Highend makeup up, please don’t hate me.

For anyone doing some home improvements lately, I have been buying photo frames from The frame Company, they are really great quality, well priced and the delivery has been really fast!


Can I go a day without talking about Normal People? Absolutely not, it was the best cinematic performance to grace our television sets for a long time. I will be mourning the loss of it for a while. It was outstanding and I am going to continue to watch it over and over again in case the BBC ever have the audacity to take it off Iplayer. It really is magnificent. I devoured it all on Sunday night after telling myself I would watch it slowly. Everything about it was perfect, the scenes, the dialogue, the chemistry, the soundtrack. I really don’t think they could have made it better. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it leaves you horribly frustrated and makes you reassess all your early relationships especially your first real love. I could wax lyrical about Normal People all day, I advise you to watch it. Sally Rooney really is something else, this will be a classic of our time.

On a friend’s recommendation this weekend I watched The Hunt for the Wilderpeople on Amazon Prime, a film about a young boy in Foster care and his carer who get lost in the wilderness in New Zealand, it was such a funny, heartwarming and wholesome film which I enjoyed eagerly from start to finish. I missed this so if you have not watched it catch up on it now!


I am still reading Love is Bind by William Boyd which I am really enjoying. I don’t get as much time as I would have hoped to read but this has been a real page-turner of a love story which is not my usual genre of choice but William Boyd writes them so well. This has had the same lasting effect Any Human Heart had. I was worried it wasn’t going to live up to it but I have really enjoyed it so far.

After watching Normal People twice in two days, I decided kicking myself in the gut and stalking all the boys I ever loved on Instagram would be a quicker way to experience pain than to watch the 12 episodes for the third time, so I read it instead. I have whizzed through it. Happy to have Marianne and Connel still in my life. I do find it strange after watching it a weeks ago, I still picture the characters in the book the same way I did when I was reading it for the first time and not from the BBC adaption. I also have realised that Sally rarely gives any of her characters any physical descriptions.


I don’t know where my sudden surge in motivation has come from but I am trying to get as much done as I can whilst it is here. This week I have got back into using Pinterest to pin inspiration. During this lockdown period, I would like to make a start on redecorating and finishing the Bathroom off. Thankfully my older sister has some great ideas and Pinterest is helping me collate our ideas together so I don’t lose track of it this time.

Listening to

I haven’t had much chance to listen to podcasts this week. I am having to restructure my life a bit. I use to have so much time to listen to the podcast but for some reason, that is not the case now. I am always with my sister on walks or driving to the farm and for obvious reason, I am not making any other car journeys. I have found listening to podcasts when I am cleaning the house or tidying the garden the only time I can get into them. Having the chance to catch up on them makes me look forward to the cleaning. The podcast episodes I most enjoyed this week were two from Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place. One candid interview with Kelly Jones talking about his oldest child Bootsy and how they transitioned to Colby, it was a kind, honest and love-filled interview about his mental health, music and how is a family all managed the change to help Colby the best they could. The other surprised me, it was with Ricky Gervais, who I have grown to admire a lot more in the last few years through interviews. I always had him down as his characters before. His interview was just fantastic and definitely in need of a listen.

Grateful for 

All the kind things this week, the card in the post from Fliss, the calls from friends, the take away arranged and delivered by my older sister, the extra effort to chat by Mum and of course the hayfever tablets because I look like I’ve been punched in the eye. All the Hermes labels my Dad keeps printing for me and letting me take flowers from his garden. Alex for creating the best fancy dress for the quiz this week. All the extra effort people are going to it means so much and has really strengthened my relationships with people.


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