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Ok, so I haven’t posted anything on here for months, I haven’t felt the urge or the need to. I have struggled with concentration the whole way through lockdown. I don’t know if it’s the overwhelm of being on my laptop all day with work or just how many more exciting things there are to do than to spend more time on my laptop after work. The back to back sunshine through April, May and June as well certainly didn’t encourage me to stay in and write. Nonetheless, my mum (my only reader, and constant critic) demanded these blogs returned so here I am, I’m giving it a go. I can’t promise anything but here is this week weekly round up.


With lockdown came a lot of opportunity for outfit of the day photos. Any normal person would avoid this to gain more wear out of an outfit but not me. It gave me more chance to be creative in what I was wearing and motivated me (somedays) to get out of my pjs. At the beginning I refused to buy any new clothes it felt wasteful and I wasn’t sure what season we would be in by the time they could be worn so I made do with what I had. Then slowly lockdown began to ease and I found the Grenson Nanette Vegan boots on offer for £200 instead of £300 and it snowballed from there. I have stuck to the cause, especially after the Boohoo modern slavery case erupted so close to home of only buying clothes from Depop or borrowing clothes from friends (my favourite thing to do). I also don’t buy Boohoo or any clothes under their company name second hand either. My favourite purchases during lockdown have been my Allsaints Nayla Rosa dress (below right). I was searching for this dress for weeks to wear to my 30th, it still had its tags in and I snapped it up for £50. You should have heard the voice notes the day I bought it. I also live in this gypsy, white lace Zara dress (below left). I did pay £25 for this but I wear it so much and lastly this cute little LA top which I bought for £6. We are hoping to set up a private Instagram page to encourage dress and outfit swapping for occasions instead of having to buy new, so let me know if you would be interested in joining, all FOC but you have to pay for P&P both ways and list your items as well, all sizes and styles will be included.


I have not watched much TV recently unless you count the 5 times I watched Hamilton the whole way through (THANK YOU DISNEY PLUS). The only two things I would really recommend watching right now is Hamilton (of course) and I may destroy you on BBC Iplayer, because everyone should watch this series. It is uncomfortable AF, it really makes you reflect back on what you passed off as ok before, it is soo good, I don’t really want to talk to you until you have seen it.


I received quite a few book vouchers for my birthday (friends and family know me well) so I picked up a selection. I have recently finished Women don’t owe you pretty, a non-fiction account of feminism and privilege by Florence Given which I loved so much I bought on audible as well along with A ladder to the sky by John Boyne (author of boy in the striped pyjamas) this was a highlow recommendation by Pandora Sykes a few weeks ago and the book I have just started. I also bought Love letters by Thomas Dylan, a book which was bought to my attention at LettersLive back at the beginning of March which is beautiful and lastly Expectation by Anna Hope which has just been released in paperback, I cannot wait to get stuck into it.


I have always wanted the option to work from home. I don’t cope that well being around people all the time, and background noise makes it really difficult for me to concentrate on reading a lot of the time so I thought I would take to wfh like a duck to water. I quickly learnt at the beginning of lockdown how difficult working from home can be. 4 months in I have definitely found the dos and don’ts to make wfh more productive, and the conscious awareness of knowing that I can check my emails at 9 pm, (I think I have done this once) has helped ease my work anxiety. I also loved being able to wfh in London. It gave me such a boost, I was working with Fliss and it just felt good to be in a space with people working (I am at home on my own all day) and being in London really changed my mood, I was happy and confident which really helped.

It is no lie that London is my favourite place to be. I had the most enjoyable week of 2020 there last week, it was nice to be amongst strangers, eating food prepared by other people, drinking cocktails and just feeling like things were slowly taking shape of a new normal. It felt safe, masks were worn on all transport and in shops and all bar staff were wearing them again. Whilst I would do anything to be on holiday right now, a bit of time in London has definitely helped soften the blow that has been 2020.


My favourite purchase this month has been my TaylorMorris sunglasses they are definitely a marmite pair, my friends either love them or stay very quiet when I show them but I am so happy I own them. I was becoming really bored of the Rayban clubmasters I own but like to spend more on sunglasses because one I take better care of them and I also think the fit and quality is better. I got these with £80 off, so they cost me £100 in total because Fliss saw they were doing in a store opening discount for their new store in Notting Hill.  They do have an outlet page where most of the glasses on there are £100 or less as well.

Home improvements

Sadly I didn’t get the home improvements bug which everyone else seemed to get at the beginning of lockdown I have however redone (with the help of my mum’s husband) my bathroom and I am so happy with it. I might do a whole blog post about it if I can find the time but I have inserted some photos below. All items are listed on my Instagram page but if you want to know more just let me know.


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