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Good Morning, a day late but I am here. I have been back in London for the last five days and it has been wonderful. I brought Dougal along for the trip, something I have always been reluctant to do because he has a few spaniel issues but he has been so well behaved. We have enjoyed so many walks and trips to the pub I think he fits in quite well down here. This is a very thin on the ground weekly round up, I am going to pull myself together next week but work was so busy last week and this weekend has been very boozy so stick with me, I will try harder.


It’s strange how much lockdown changed things for us. At the beginning of the year going out for food, nights out and cocktails in nice bars were something I took for granted. I went far too often, not appreciating how much I enjoyed socialising over food and drinks. Whilst lockdown taught me I could still have a good time eating and drinking with friends in different ways, from virtual bottomless brunches, to cook along, progressing to picnics and BBQs, the luxury of going out for food and sitting in a restaurant eating delicious food is not going to be taken for granted in the future.

On Saturday we went out for our first Bottomless Brunch of 2020 at the Skinny Kitchen in Angel. This is very geared up for girls who like a good insta scene. It is very pink, covered in plants, neon lights with a DJ playing throughout the day. The food was good, what you would expect from a bottomless brunch with a lot of options on the menu and they were generous with the prosecco. The perfect weekend starter place. The only negatives I would give it would be the strange 2 courses brunch where you had breakfast followed by pudding. It was a very boozy, expensive weekend so my treats for the month are over, I am going to be saving everything else.


This week I have consumed an unhealthy amount of smashed avocado and marmite on toast, if you have not yet tried this, go out and buy it because honestly, it’s delicious. I have heard peanut butter and marmite is supposed to be as good, so if you throw something with marmite my way, I convinced now it is going to work.


I finished reading Expectation by Anna Hope and absolutely loved it. I would easily say it was my favourite book of 2020. It has just been released in paperback and makes a really good summer read, I couldn’t put it down. I am feeling a bit more in the swing of reading if a little behind on my 52 book target, I am now reading An American Marriage, leant to me by my friend Alex. I have heard really good reviews of this book so I am excited to carve out some time to read it.


I started watching Pose on Netflix this week off a friends recommendation, I was hooked from the first few minutes. Pose is a series which aired in 2018 based on the LGBQ+ community in the late ’80s in New York, it also has the largest transgender cast of any series. It isn’t groundbreaking but I’ve learned so much and I am totally hooked on it.

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