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Hey, hey, I am doing such a bad job at keeping up with these blog posts. My only very large excuse is that I have no concentration or commitment to anything currently. Every evening for the last two weeks has been spent non-stop chatting to my friend Fliss and then sleeping so now we have a window of a week or so apart  I will start throwing some recommendations your way. Please excuse me when I am a few weeks late to the party. Just pretend I am doing you a favour and not going over last month’s ground.


This week I was lucky enough to have my friends come to stay from Wales. With the ever-changing weather and the very fortunate turn that we had booked Thursday off when the wind died down and the sun came out, I decided to take them over to Rutland water . Rutland water is a large public-friendly reservoir on the outskirts of Leicester, actually, the largest man-made lake in the UK, if you want some boring facts. I was a little too ambitious to think we could walk the 18 miles around it especially as I had left the snacks in the car but it was lovely nonetheless. I forgot how beautiful the walks were around the area. I know this will fall the wayside but I aim to try to do a few more walks there with a Roast dinner on the way home because the surrounding villages are beaut!

This I have not done yet but Old street Records in London on Sunday 30th August is doing it’s first post-COVID live music night and I am all for it. You have to book a table as it is limited capacity. It is called Sunday Session and it’s a live ‘smash hits’ band. Old street records is one of my favourite nights out in London. On a Friday it was always live music, cheap for London drinks, no VIP, no one trying to queue jump, no champagne on fire being carried by promo girls, everyone in there is friendly and just there to have a good time with their friends so if you are looking for something to do next week I would recommend.


My reading has been terrible, I have been trying to finish the same book for about 3 weeks now. I had promised to forget books I wasn’t enjoying reading but it’s not that I don’t want to read the book its more that I have no concentration when I pick it up. I am currently reading Kate Atkinson’s more recent crime novel Transcription. I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I thought I would because it received such great reviews. I usually enjoy her books as they are often set in WW2. This is a story about a British Spy during the war and her life 10 years after she left her position. I am sure for many its a book you would finish in a sitting but I just cannot get into it.

Listening to 

The Rugby pod is back! As much as I am not looking forward to September the podcasts coming back from summer break is filling me with Joy. With the rugby, pod comes actual Rugby games which is great as I enjoy nothing more than watching the rugby with my Dad on a Saturday afternoon, especially at home.

Pandora Sykes one half of the Highlow podcast has started her own podcast as a spin-off from her recently released book Doing it right. The podcast of the same title is a weekly series about life, work and expectations and anxieties of modern-day life. There is a wide host of well-known guests, I really annoyed her most recent episode with Alain de Botton.


I had my first ‘roast’ dinner in a while last week, I say ‘roast’ because being a vegetarian living in the countryside you are really not that well catered for. I booked the Curzon arms in Woodhouse Eve’s one of my favourite pubs on a rainy afternoon. They were kind enough to make me a vegetarian toad in the hole with all the roast trimmings whilst Fliss had the roast chicken. It is the perfect pub, loads of outdoor seating in the summer, quaint and cosy inside in the autumn and winter.

I am so pleased that so many people are taking advantage of the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme, I cannot believe how difficult it has been getting a table mid-week so I don’t really have anything to add in this section other than I am glad some of my favourite places to eat locally are back up and running. I can’t wait to go back to Black Iron in Leicester with my Mum. I have a list as long as my arm of places I want to visit in London.


I have started writing morning pages again, I tend to fall into these good habits every September, they are usually gone by December. I think most people are aware of gratitude journals and affirmations, morning pages are no different just simply swapping them over from writing them at night to the morning instead. I have found this has massively improved my concentration and commitment to tasks in the morning and really boosts my optimism for the day ahead. It was a method I became aware of from Caggie Dunlop’s podcast Saturn returns. If you are struggling in the mornings I really recommend sitting down before work with a cup of tea and just writing what you feel, what you are grateful for and what you are looking forward to.


This week I watched Animals on prime and absolutely bloody loved it. Based on the novel ANIMALS by Emma Jane Unsworth the story follows two women who are best friends in their late 20s early 30s living in Ireland. It’s a simple narrative of two friends and drinking partners whose lives and friendship changes when Laura meets a guy Tyler hates. It follows the trials and tribulations of failing careers, lowering expectations of what adulthood looks like and trying to conform to a life society has told you to have. It made me wish I had taken more drugs, then made me thankful I hadn’t taken any. One minute I was desperate for a night out and then I never wanted a drink again. It is short and simple but it really made me look at my friendships and what else we give up to try and fit into the little box we are told is success. It is so very good. I never got around to reading the book so I am going to try and get my hands on it!

Our Yorkshire Family, a completely different recommendation but one from my friend, it is the most wholesome series on channel 5 about a family of 9 children growing up and running a farm on the Yorkshire hills. It’s chaotic but as someone who grew up on a much smaller and more manageable farm it is easy to relate to. Very comforting Sunday night TV if you like the countryside.

Lastly, along with the rest of the UK, I have been watching the well known creepy crime series The Fall. I originally watched series years ago when it aired and then forgot about it, along with the entire cohort of Irish characters which use to grace our screens in Hollyoaks. The three series are now on Netflix and I am hooked. It is the sort of series you cannot stop watching and then when it’s over its gone and you are left wondering if you will ever find tv you enjoy as much again!

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