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I took a break over the bank holiday weekend, for no other reason than I couldn’t be bothered. I am quite the blogger, aren’t I? Nonetheless, it is September now, and with September comes this recharged motivation to make an effort with everything. My diary is itemised, decorating of the house in the plan, I now have a sudden urge to sort the garden which seemed to have been absent all summer when I was actually using the garden, my exercise routine exists (on paper), I don’t know what it is about September that makes us feel like this? Surely It cannot only be me? I had a very lazy bank holiday weekend last weekend reading and watching films so I actually have a bit to update on here.


Last week I did rather well and trying to get my reading back on track. I read So Lucky by Dawn O’porter which was great. I really enjoyed her previous novel Cows, since I had been keen to get my hands on So lucky. It was very wholesome and cheesy, I felt in some places a little try hard to be progressive but I did laugh out loud a lot and it put me in a great mood. It would make the perfect cosy Sunday read throughout Autumn.

I ordered The Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne from a Highlow recommendation back in June. I had put off reading it for more recently hyped books finally settling down to read it last week. I can’t believe I waited so long. This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. It was the first book I finished and thought about rereading it again then and there. Instead, I went and purchased The hearts invisible furies another one of John Boyne’s recent novels. The story was a mixture of the talented Mr Ripley and any Human heart. It followed Maurice Swift a novelist, it’s a delicious tale of deception and literary theft. I don’t know how you could not be obsessed with this book.


I wanted a weekend of film watching as TV had really fallen by the wayside. I watched Official Secrets starring Kiera Knightly on Amazon prime. A film adaption of the real-life events which took place when Katherine Gun leaked an Offical Government memo about the crimes taking place to mislead the citizens of the country into a war with Iraq. It was a short film, which I felt portrayed the story well.

I also watched Knives out on Amazon prime and absolutely loved it, I just wish there had been more. This star-studded cast featuring too many to name is a new twist on Cluedo/ Agatha Christie novel.  I did fall asleep the first time I tried to watch it but the second attempt was much more of a success which I really enjoyed.

Listening to

SO MANY PODCASTS ARE RETURNING, THANK GOD. First of, a week or so ago I listened to Annie Mac’s Changes podcast, Candice Braithwaite. A candid interview about race, mental health, finding her place as a mummy blogger and Canice’s younger life. I could have continued to listen to this for hours.

Also, I am so happy to see The high low is back, How to fail, Table manners are now back from summer vacay and I know the new series of Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place is also on its way back. I listened to the Highlow first thing on Wednesday morning, the theme tune putting a bit of autumn cheer into my step. I was pleased to see they didn’t start this series off with a bumper book special and just dived straight back in.


I am planning a bedroom redecorate, the pink wall has had its time and really it just needs painting properly so it looks like a room an adult sleeps in not an 18-year-old. I am going to purchase Lick paint in red 03 once I convince my older sister to do the cutting in. I have picked up these H&M cushions, after years of pining after them, I really wanted the orange version but I think these have long gone. The green cushions are lovely too but don’t go with my colour scheme. I also managed to get my hands on this Next wicker shelf for £50, I have wanted it for a while and had no idea where it could go, the waiting time for its arrival is quite lengthy but I cannot wait to see it up.


I am eagerly awaiting Fliss’ new drop of Levi 501’s on Depop (theharperproject) but I have been in need of jeans I like wearing for a while, I have black skinny jeans of variety, some mom jeans I like but they do have a rip in them so I don’t find them that smart. I hate jean shopping, I always put it off for ‘when I have lost weight’ but I decided I needed to tackle it head on. This week I managed to navigate Zara’s website well enough to actually find two pairs of jeans which not only showed the whole item but were also still available in my size and were only £25 each. I bought both pairs, expecting to send them back once I had tried them but the shock of all shocks they are both great. Really happy to finally have some new jeans to wear.

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