Weekend round up – East London edition

Good morning, I am writing this from a sunny London Sunday evening, tucked up in bed watching towie with bars of white Chocolate Tony’s Chocoloney next to me (thank god for London’s extensive chocolate selection). I will get back onto my usual round-ups as I have been reading some great books but for now, I thought I’d give you a quick London round-up from the weekend.

My friend has recently moved from Islington, (one of my favourite areas) to Hackney which thankfully after a few days here has lived up to high expectations Angel set. For once we actually made a plan for the weekend instead of boozy days and hungover roast dinners so I thought I would share some of what we have been up to.


We have been fortunate enough to work from the WeWork in Hackney which has a pretty unreal office space. The offices are like any WeWork, cool modern, spaces, very hipster with a very chilled vibe. It has been great to get into some office space to really get my head into work with a busy week ahead of me. This was the first WeWork I have been to so I can’t compare but it’s been a great place to work.


This summer, London parks have been our go-to place to spend the day. With the weather being so favourable for the last few months we have made our way around Highbury fields, London fields and Clissold Park. On Saturday after a wander around and lunch, we stocked up on prosecco and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun, drinking and playing music quizzes in London field’s. I saw Michaela Cole there on my Friday morning walk, so it rocketed quickly to my favourite North/ East park out of the three. Sunday afternoon after the roast we went over to Clissold park, I first visited this park in the winter when it was muddy and cold so it was nice to see it sunshine-filled with people making the most of the September sun, there are always so many cute dogs here too.


One of the best parts of the weekend. We kicked off the weekend with brunch at Mare Street Market in Hackney. I loved this place, a big industrial building, light, airy modern interiors filled with a lot of plants, pinks, golds and industrial furniture. The restaurant also hosts a cafe, shops, a record store and a beauty salon. The food was great, we ate off the brunch menu, coming in as a basic as they can with 4 x avo on toast and a margarita pizza. It had a great vibe with a small garden to sit in to eat and enjoy the weather. Saturday evening we booked a meal which we never usually do. We went to Mama Shelter, a very cool chain of hotels with restaurants. The food has a bit of a Turkish vibe, a lot of flatbreads and meat. I had the spiced falafel flatbread of which I am still talking about, honestly, one of my favourite meals I have had for a long time and I am rarely a fan of falafel. Mama Shelter was really cool, plenty of space, well-thought-out with regards to COVID, great interiors and cocktails. We snuck in to have a look at that karaoke rooms which I want to book out as soon as COVID restrictions have been lifted.

On Sunday we went for what I had been assured was going to be one of the best roasts in London and I wasn’t disappointed. We booked the table at Bergen House, apparently, they own a couple of other pubs in the area too. Again decor was on point, managing to create a cosy English pub experience whilst feeling summery enough in the 25-degree heat. I ordered the vegetarian option which came with almost a curry gravy which at first I wasn’t sure but honest to God it was so good, you can swap it out for normal gravy but I’m allergic to beef so I have to be careful. I can confirm it is one of the best roast dinners I have ever had.


On Saturday we wandered down Broadway Market. I love the street on any day of the week but Saturday the market runs the length of the street selling homemade and vintage items. The deli’s, coffee houses and shops which are hosted along the street are amazing too. It is one of my favourite places to soak up the atmosphere. Clipston and sons, I am not sure what they do but there is always a long queue outside so if you get chance to check them out do, I think they may be infamous toasties. After Broadway market and a long walk down the canal, a quick stop at the pub we went for a quick mooch around Netil Market. It is only small but a nice mixture of street food, locally brewed beer, record sales and vintage items.


For obvious reason, London’s nightlife isn’t what it use to be and its the one part of life post COVID which really reminds me that things haven’t gone back to normal. On Friday night we went for drinks to Netil360 a rooftop bar in Hackney which amazing views of the city. It is very casual, most people sit on the floor and the drinks are fairly cheap, very low key, chilled rooftop bar which is unusual. On Saturday night after Mama Shelter, we went to Shoreditch to Old Street Records. This was our favourite place to end a night before lock down. You have to book a table as its limited space they’ve done well adapting but it was so different. You couldn’t mingle at all which was expected but when you have loved somewhere for its cramped sweatiness of strangers next to you, 2m distance of tables felt alien, the music was pretty awful too but the table service was great, the staff were super friendly and it was nice to see our favourite place open again, it just takes some getting used to the idea that nights out are no longer the same.

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